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Prices may vary depending on project size!

  • Video duration
  • Effort
  • Equipment
  • Simple shooting
  • Complex shooting
  • Computer animation
  • Visual effects
  • Individual music composition
  • Postproduction
  • Marketing
  • Dedicated support


  • ~20sec
  • 15h


  • ~20sec
  • 15h


  • ~90sec
  • 40h


  • ~4min
  • 60h



4K Ultra-High Definition

4K offers four times the resolution and details of Full HD. Since 4K content is growing into the market as you read this, you will get breathtaking and maximal image quality from us.


Simple shooting

No matter what kind of project you have, we turn ANYTHING into film. Next to cinematographic content we are also available for didactic-, event-, news-, makingof and documentary films.


Complex shooting

Drone shots, crane shots, stereoscopic 3D recording and 360 degree videos are in high trend. We will blow up your video with breath-taking scenes and let it take off perpendicularly.



Please check the studio page to browse all our equipment. If we are not able to provide a specific needed equipment, we will rent it to fully meet your visual expectations.


Computer animation

We animate all types of graphs according to your ideas and integrate them into your multimedia product: Animated banners, moving sequences, transitions in presentations, illustrations of complex technical systems or dynamic structures, 3D modeling of products and environments and more.


Visual effects

Footage of real scenes combined with animations are most impressive for your viewers. We use chroma key, matte painting, motion tracking, video retouching and other magic tricks to let that happen.



We cut your movie and edit existing video sequences in case you already started shooting. We grade the colors to transform your footage into cinematic quiality. Finding the suitable music and voice-over artists to provide the perfect final touch goes all in one with us.



Without social media you miss the market. We help you to setup your social accounts to promote you e.g. at Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google+, Vimeo etc.
We deliver the final film in your defined way. Everything is possible no matter if as instant download and on DVD, Bluray, USB device or a video platform of your choice.


Dedicated Support

Make use of our service with the confidence in knowing that you will be fully backed by a team of amazingly friendly film professionals.
We look after you at any time via email, phone, real-time remote maintenance, facebook, whatsapp, Skype with (video) chat and even locally.
Talk to us in your language: English, German, French and Spanish.