Where words leave off, music begins.

Prices may vary depending on project size!

  • Audio duration
  • Any purposes
  • All genres
  • Audio processing
  • Live performance ready
  • Marketing & Delivery
  • Dedicated support


  • ~3sec

Short compositions

  • ~20sec

Long compositions

  • ~3min

Live performance

  • upon consultation

Any purposes

With our compositions we breathe life into your movie and give your spots that certain coronet. We find the unmistakable tone for your special event and theatre play, provide an unmistakable soundtrack for your new mobile app and accompany action-packed games with a haunting sound.


All genres

We compose piano, choral and orchestral music as well as any kind of synthesizer sound to precisely implement your ideas and concepts.


Audio processing

We edit and master audio in any way: Sound recording, mixdown, finishing, editing minor flaws, applying noise reduction to eliminate clicks and dropouts, adjusting stereo width, adding ambience, equalize audio across tracks for the purpose of optimized frequency distribution, adjust volume, make dynamic range compression or expansion, limit peaking and dither.


Live performance ready

Composing for live purposes is different than composing for the computer. We prepare the music sheets for you to be able to start smoothly with rehearsals in your orchestra, choir and band.


Marketing & Delivery

Without social media you miss the market. We help you to setup your social accounts to promote you e.g. at Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google+, Vimeo etc.
We deliver the final track in your defined way. Everything is possible no matter if as instant download and on DVD, Bluray, USB device or a music platform of your choice.


Dedicated Support

Make use of our service with the confidence in knowing that you will be fully backed by a team of amazingly friendly music professionals.
We look after you at any time via email, phone, real-time remote maintenance, facebook, whatsapp, Skype with (video) chat and even locally.
Talk to us in your language: English, German, French and Spanish.