Founder & CEO

Stefan Wehrli

“My hobbies are our services: filmmaking, composing, website designing, photographing, programming and event organising. I founded Lensbreak Studios to provide high quality products made with dearest passion. Moreover I am on the way to the Bachelor of Computer Science.”



Dominique Bürki

Dominique is not only a powerful VFX artist and filmmaker but also a delighted programmer in all languages you can ever dream about. He studied at the technical vocational school in Zurich and is part of Advellence Solutions AG too.


Event Manager

Patrik Schöpfer

Patrik is the head of the spectacular Lensbreak Events. He transforms any location into any transcendental atmosphere as well-experienced technician. Moreover he works as plastic technologist with developments in the field of marketing and advertising at Brack Electronics AG.



Simon Wehrli

Simon is our software engineer and studies Computer Science (M.S.) at ETH Zurich. He likes to shake a leg and even makes the computer to dance with his source code.